My name is Bethany. In the four years I lived in Orlando I had lots of magical roles: playing as a toy in Andy’s room, giving tours through the soundstages of some of history’s most iconic movies, guiding young muggles through the wall between platforms nine and ten, welcoming guests to the hospitality of the bewitching bayou, bringing iconic stories and characters to life, and sharing the importance of conservation on the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

I truly got to do a little bit of everything I had ever wanted to try. Growing up in a Disney family meant we spent many trips in the most magical place on Earth, and I was never one to complain. The stories of Disney, and the parks of Orlando themselves heavily influenced my interest in filmmaking.

As an undergraduate, I studied feature film producing and writing at the University of Texas at Austin, before trying my hand at living the movies in Florida. My time in all of these amazing roles truly ingrained the importance of storytelling as a medium for developing shared identity.

Today,  I live in Seattle, WA. I recently moved to pursue a Master of Library and Information Science at UW, and hope to one day work either in the archives of Walt Disney or Pixar Animation studios, or continue to study film’s role in globalization and creating an international identity.

But this is my happy place. My space where things don’t need to be so technical. So join me as I delve into this magical world!