Explore: Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire


Friday, June 17, 2016, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World debuted Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire following the ten-year run of Dream Along with Mickey. Upon the castle stage Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and their friends welcome visitors from far-off kingdoms to join in a celebration of friendship.


Goofy invites Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, and Louis the alligator from the lands of the bewitching bayou.


During a spectacular dance number, the visitors encourage Goofy to step out of his comfort zone. For although he thinks he has nothing to add to the party, Tiana reminds him that by digging a little deeper he can find the uniqueness inside himself and cut loose at last!


Despite Daisy’s intentions to bring Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Donald invites a rag-tag team of ruffians who seem a little rough around the edges. Their behavior comes into question until the princess assures everyone that these guys aren’t as mean as they seem- in fact, they have big dreams too!


 In a silly number complete with ceramic unicorns, everyone reveals their greatest dreams.


Thinking all their visitors have arrived, Minnie prepares to leave and get ready for the ball. Mickey stops her and admits he’s brought a few more guests as a surprise!


From the lands of the mystic mountain, the doors open to reveal the lively snowman, Olaf, and royal sisters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna.


Minnie tells Elsa how much she looks up to her, wishing she could be more like the snow queen, but Elsa assures her that she is perfect just the way she is.


With a few snow flurries, Elsa takes the stage in a solo of “Let It Go” encouraging everyone to have confidence in exactly who they are.


Together, Mickey and friends, along with their guests, join for a final dance and celebrate having dreams, trying new things, and staying true to who they are with a grand firework finale.

This delightful show usually takes the stage five times a day, so there are lots of opportunities to catch it, and I highly recommend you do. If your kiddos want to catch some of the most recent princess additions, but maybe don’t do so well with meet-and-greets, this is the perfect way to see them all in one place with no reason for nerves!

Thanks for tuning in. Stay magical friends and keep those ears up!


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View the full show:


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