Ear’s What’s Up Vol. 1


Hello, world!

My name is Bethany and I am a former Walt Disney World Cast Member. I grew up in a very Disney-loving family. I am fortunate to have a mom who will always be a kid at heart, and worked hard to keep the magic alive even to this day. Throughout my entire life all I’ve ever really wanted was a job that would allow me to celebrate and be a part of the beautiful stories that helped shape me into the person I’ve become. Working at WDW was definitely the first-step I was looking for.

Here, I had the opportunity to crack jokes with Mr. Potato Head, take daily trips down the yellow brick road, share the hospitality of the bewitching bayou, make long-term memories with Joy and Sadness, and even venture through the wilderness- which must be explored! In four years, I truly got to experience a little bit of everything that this amazing world has to offer. And although being a CM can present new challenges to match every moment of magic, I am confident that I was always right where I needed to be when I needed it most.

Being there made me realize my passion and interest in the importance of storytelling, so I will soon be starting graduate school in Seattle for Library and Information Science. I intend to specialize in film archiving and maybe (fingers crossed) work in the Pixar Studio archives someday! That would be the dream for sure. But for now, I’m hoping to keep spreading my Disney love right here- noting and archiving all of the copious amounts of information I’ve taken in about this enormous place.

I cannot tell you how often I find people reaching out, who I may not have spoken to in years, that are simply looking for a few pointers in planning their next trip. My family knows that itinerary planning for Walt Disney World is not only a welcome challenge, but a beloved pastime of mine. So I’m using this blog as a way to help guide any who will visit this happy place. Around here, you can anticipate 4 categories of posts:

EAR’S WHAT’S UP – Just like this one, these are the check in posts that are a little more on the personal side. They’ll be less common, but will keep you updated on any major life or blog changes.

EXPECT – These will be the nitty-gritty details: the How-To’s and Infographics of the blog. If you’re looking for specific, step-by-step instructions or tricks, I have lots to share. Stay tuned for guidance through the many up’s and down’s of Disney technology and tips on making the most of your visit.

EXPLORE – Ever wanted to just get a better concept of a place before arriving? Rely on me. If you don’t mind spoiler alerts, use these video and photography guides to get a better concept of shows, attractions, and lands to better plan the must-do’s of your trip.

EXPERIENCE – I’ve got to be honest, this one’s my personal favorite. Rather than a verb like the two before it, this one is meant to be a noun. As a Cast Member, there are about a million and half things we wish we had time to explain to guests about why we do what we do. So if you’ve ever wondered why we are always moving strollers, or just want to know what it’s like to live that CM life, these are your posts!

I anticipate posting any one of these article types every Tuesday. Subscribe up above for new posts to be sent directly to your mailbox, and never miss a tip! Along this journey, I will be eagerly awaiting questions and input. Please feel free to ask as much as you like! If the whole trip planning process is beginning to feel a little daunting, however, don’t you worry. I would love to help plan it for you. Simply reach out to me on the contact page for rates and more information as to what I can do for you.

And last but not least, if you have other Disneyphile friends who would love to share some thoughts of their own, or you know someone planning a future Disney trip, please help spread the word! Share future posts on Pinterest and Facebook, and look for my boards and groups (the icons at the bottom of the page will redirect you) to join the conversation!

I really look forward to starting this journey with you all, because without you, this wouldn’t be possible. In fact, I think Mr. Disney himself put it best when he said:

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Thank you for being my people. Keep those ears up and stay tuned for more Magic!


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